Our Oral Health Promoter Racheal has dates avaliable to come to your community project, school, preschool, place of work and groups to provide oral health education.

Part of the fantastic service offered by the Tooth Bus is Oral Health Education. Most dental diseases, such as holes in the teeth are preventable at home and would avoid the dreaded drill and extra visits to the dentist! Racheal can come along to your group or place of work, however big or small, and chat to parents, staff, adults and children and provide some key messages on looking after your dental health.

Whilst the Tooth Bus was in Hampshire Racheal went to serveral groups and places of work, click here to see our picture of Racheal a Waites Construction giving oral health education to it's employees.


Call 07825 19948 to speak to Racheal or email racheal.alley@iosisclinic.co.uk.


After all prevention is better than cure!